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October 2nd, 2013

Voices amplif(i)ed

You are speaking up.   You are being heard.


Here at amplif(i), we have been getting a lot of messages from students all over Arizona.  Every time we visit a school we do more than just speak.  We listen.  We hear what you have to say.


Sometimes we hear it right after a presentation, when you come up and talk to us in person.  Sometimes we hear it later in the form of letters, emails, Tweets, and Facebook messages.  One way or another, you are speaking up, and you are being heard.


What is it that we’re hearing?  We’re hearing that a lot of you are making positive, inspiring choices.  We’re also hearing that many of you have gone through some of the same things we have, and that you’ve seen your friends go through them too.  We’re hearing that it’s happening at your school.  Most of all, we’re hearing that you want things to change.  You want to be the one to create that change.  You want things to get better.  Hearing that from you is amazing.


It takes a lot of courage and effort to speak up, but it makes a difference.  With each person that speaks up, it becomes easier for the next person to speak up.  When the next person speaks up, it lets someone else know they’re not alone.  By doing what you’re doing, you’re taking the first steps toward change.  The more that all of us speak up and amplif(i) our voices together, the more we can change things for the better.


Here are just a couple of the many recent messages we’ve received from students just like you who want to amplif(i) their voices:


“Anthony came to our school today. It was an awesome experience!  I’m glad he came to our school today. I thought of this assembly as just a ticket out of class at first, but it was a life changing experience for me! I was almost crying during the assembly because I know all of the feelings he must have fought through in that time. My friend and I were just amazed! We felt an instant connection to him through his experience of being bullied. Even with my friends who go through bullying by my side, I’ve always felt like I was alone when it came to me getting bullied, because nobody around me ever talks about their experiences too much. Anthony has helped me through a hard time today, and I want to say thank you, Anthony and thank you everyone at amplif(i), for helping people. Everything you guys have to say means something to someone or some people in a crowd. My friend and I were those ‘some people’ today.”


“Presentations like this always catch my full attention because I have been bullied since I was in third grade. It just makes me wonder what I could do if I actually went out and participated in something like what you all are doing. I know I’m only a freshman, but I have a comeback story of picking up my pieces and getting my life back together in a positive way. I just want to go out and help people and inspire the whole world if I can! I always said when I was younger that I want to be someone that will make a difference. Thank you all for what you are devoting your time to doing, and keep up the great work!”


We hear things like this every week.  So no matter what you’re going through, it’s important for you to remember that you’re not alone.  Other students just like you have gone through the same things, and are speaking up about it.  Beyond that, amplif(i) is on your side as well.  It’s our goal to change things for the better and help prevent others from having to go through negative experiences.


Keep the messages coming.  We love hearing from you.  Also, be sure to keep a watch out for an interesting series of upcoming vlogs from amplif(i) that will introduce you to even more of our Peer Educators and show you how they choose to amplif(i) their voices in the name of positive life choices.



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  1. Anthony
    your story touch me last year because I have been going thought the about the same thing like you and i was on the point of killing myself. When I heard your story i got me to think that there are people that are going thought the same as me and they can probably can help me go though this so I wouldn’t be alone. Your story helped me for not wanting to kill myself because i know there will always be someone that is going though the same thing I have been going though and i can help them though it like you helped me. thank you 🙂

    Comment by Amy Quintana -

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