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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Age: 9-12 year olds
Gender: Boys and Girls
Sunday: 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Location: Homestead Community Center | 18600 North 98th Street, Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Cost: $60 (Special Pricing of $30 for DC Ranch residents who can verify their residency)

Register online or contact Kristen Polin, VP of Programs for notMYkid at kristen@archive.notmykid.org.

Highlights of what your pre-teen will gain from Footprints:
Having a Voice to Express Yourself
Choosing Friendships Wisely
Expressing Caring and Kindness
Being the Friend You Want in Others

Footprints Collague

The 2018 school year is well underway and these pre-teens are building friendships, establishing their social awareness, and working hard on their school work. All essential tasks, as this age group navigate elementary school through to middle school. Many of these young people are beginning to make a “footprint” into their academic, social and emotional skills. Gaining confidence at this age is an essential component of successfully navigating these years. Motivating young people to thrive in this area is a necessary part of assisting them in building their relationship assets with confidence. This is the “footprint” we develop in our programming.

Workshops for Youth and Families’ workshops provide prevention and education programs that assist pre-teens in building their confidence, establishing healthy friendships and beginning to understand the role of leadership. Have your pre-teen join us for a fun-filled afternoon workshop where they will work on these skills with other youth.

A Message from Dr. Franny

dr franny
As we get ready to head into 2018, our Workshop team has decided to focus on our kids stress. Kids stress about many things. They stress about their relationships with each other, academics, family and their future. We also recognize that kids stress other kids at a time where they are just developing their own self-awareness. Their day to day interactions and behaviors can be confusing to one another, therefore causing them to feel disconnected, second guessing themselves, and feeling unimportant.

More than 40% of kids feel lonely and unsure of their friendships. The early teen years are a time when young people need adults and peers in their lives who express care, challenge their growth, provide support, share power and expand the endless possibilities.

For nearly 40 years, WORKSHOP has come to a surprisingly simple conclusion: NOTHING, absolutely nothing has more impact in the life of a child than postive relationships.

In all of our programs, the building of social and emotional strengths at these crucial developmental stages teach them to cope with the personal issues we often do not notice as adults. These assets benefit all our youth to be their own everyday leader among one another. They learn practical ways to put these skills into practice while strengthening motivation, persistence and other skills that are essential in school and beyond.

Join us as we take on this issue to strengthen and protect our kids.

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