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May 13th, 2013


Street Names: cannabis, doobie, ganja, grass, green, home grown, jane, kush, marijuana, mary, mary jane, reefer, roach, THC, wacky weed, weed

Looks Like: Flowering clusters (buds) 1-2 inches long that are similar to dense foliage with a sticky texture

Methods of Use: smoked, ingested

What Youth Say: It’s safe, you can’t become addicted to it, it’s fun, it makes music and movies more interesting, it makes you hungry, it’s a type of medicine, celebrities and musicians use it, it will help you relax, it will make you more creative

Dangers: inhibits proper development of the brain (primarily frontal lobe which is responsible for higher level thinking), memory loss, difficulties learning, hallucinations, delusional thinking, and can be psychologically addictive (NIDA & DEA).

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Navigating the adolescent years is one of the largest and toughest responsibilities we will face as parents. It is scary to see someone that you care about engage in harmful choices. We are here to help you to prevent your child from making damaging life choices.

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We're here to help you face and overcome potentially life-derailing challenges. Discover the many ways in which you can amplif(i) your voice in the name of making good decisions. We're here as an informative, inspirational resource as we share our personal stories. Join the movement by sharing your story and speaking up for yourself and the people you love who may be going through a hard time.

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You are an educator, influential in the lives of the students and parents you serve. Creating a positive culture within your classroom starts and ends with you. We are here as a resource for your school to make sure every classroom environment is one that is conducive to positive learning and growth.

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