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April 29th, 2013

Drug Abuse – What About Trust

A parent’s first reaction to drug testing their kids may be a strong concern about jeopardizing the trust they feel they have with their kid. From the time kids are young, parents establish rules and verify that the rules are followed.
For example, parents check their kid’s report cards starting in kindergarten to make sure they are successful academically. As a kid grows, parents continue to review the report cards, even when their kid tells them what to expect. Kids don’t have an issue about their parents reviewing their report cards in middle school or high school because it’s a verification method that started when they were young.
For an adolescent, new rules such as curfews are set. The first few late nights, parents stay up to be sure their kid is home at the established time. Over time, after a kid has repeatedly honored their curfew, parents may extend the curfew or may ask their kid to wake them when he or she gets home. Parents trust their kid, but continue to verify that they are adhering to boundaries.
Drug testing can be thought of as a report card or a verification method that shows how successfully a kid is saying no to drugs. The trust that a kid is making good decisions about saying no to drugs during adolescence will be earned over time, and parents will continue to verify that their kid is healthy and drug free. Home drug testing is a confidential, accurate, and inexpensive prevention tool.

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